Get to know Baan Boon

Baan Boon is a manufacturer and exporter of natural handicraft Japanese-styled sorghum brooms and brushes.

With our expertise in handmade brooms and brushes, our local artisans have gently crafted these sorghum brooms and brushes

for more than 35 years. What makes our brooms unique from others are quality and design. We select high-quality sorghum

that is long-lasting and pollen-free. 


In the past three decades, we have created more than 1,000 designs which were made and exported to more than 12 countries

such as Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, France, Germany, Australia, etc. 


At Baan Boon, we treat all of our employees like a family.

Most of our employees have been working with us since the beginning. We also continuously encourage local workforce to support the community’s employability and artisanal skills.

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Our Products

Our Japanese-Styled sorghum brooms & brushes save environment as they have no pollen coming out like other local brooms made of wild grass. With high cleaning capacity, they can be used on all kinds of floor surface: wood, marble, cemented, carpeted, etc.


It also can be used for different purposes: for indoor and outdoor cleaning, sweeping or cleaning on a table, bed, furniture, car seats, shoes, computer keyboards, etc. without using a vacuum or any electricity energy.